Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Next time I write in here, it will be from my parents' home in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I can’t write much now because I’m too busy panicking about our trip. I’m becoming such a worrier in my old age!
Must go and make another list of all the things we need to do before leaving (I’ve made three of these since this morning and have managed to lose all three somehow) and have another go at Kamyar (it sounds like he might be relaxing a bit too much now just sitting there watching telly).


jarvenpa said...

May you travel safely and have a happy visit!

Dodo said...

Hey have a great trip, and let us know if the baghali polo is still as good as before.

Anonymous said...

hey shirin,

have a great trip and come back with lots of stories :)

A great fan of your blog

Tazzy said...

Have a great Trip :)

Moj said...

Have yourself a wonderful journey with the family. It will be an emotional and spiritual visit, I am sure.All your memories from your childhood will rush upon you once again and we will have the pleasure of reading them I hope and give my regards and respect to your family, especially Monir and Monavar khanum

Mojgan from Los Angeles

folan el folany said...

you have a very intersting blog

Tima said...

Now you're sounding like Homa joon :-) She's getting axiety attacks about her trip back to Tehran also; but delighted that you'll be there when she gets home. Have a happy reunion with the family. Be safe - Tima

Shirin said...

Thanks Jarvenpa ;-)

Dodo, I’m guessing you’re talking about the Baghali-polo in Iran Air. I’m sure that is still is great as ever but we travelled with Azal this time. We didn’t get any Baghali polo but their food was really good.

Thanks a lot Anonymous :-)

Thanks Tazzy :-) So far it’s been great.

Hi Moj, I have given your regards to the family and they all say hi and are very happy that we found each other through this blog ;-) Hope you’re well.

Thanks Folan.

Thanks Tima joon :-) I can’t wait to see Homajoon again. Only three more days to go now :-)

moostive said...

Hope you're enjoyin your trip :)

Tima said...

Shirin joon I keep checking for more blogs from Tehran, yet alas ...:-( Are you still there?