Sunday, January 28, 2007

I’d always known as human beings we are very adaptable and can get used to almost anything but I would never have guessed that one could even get used to feeling sick. Now it’s only been a week and bizarrely I think I’m starting to get used to having a carsick feeling twenty four seven. Can’t say I like it or anything but it’s there and what’s weird is that I’m beginning to have trouble imagining a time when it wasn’t there. For example even looking at a banana makes me want to throw up now and I can’t for the life of me imagine a time when bananas didn’t have that effect on me and I used to like and even eat them!
It’s like that feeling when it’s in the middle of a very cold winter and you look at pictures of yourself on a beach in a bikini and you are so cold at that moment that you think no matter how hot it might have been on that beach, if you were to be transported to there right now, you would still probably wear a cardigan at least.
The funniest thing is that if something makes me feel sick at the moment, then it’s not just smelling it or seeing it that makes me feel sick, it’s even hearing the word or reading it somewhere.
At the moment garlic is one of the things that I cannot stand. So of course I get an email from my mum this morning titled, Garlic! Every time I read the dreaded word it made my stomach churn! I think I might be turning into a vampire.
However the weirdest thing about pregnancy so far is that it feels like someone has come in the middle of the night, emptied my head of my brain, and replaced it with some cotton wool. I can’t think at all. Which means after finishing the sentence before last and before writing, ‘I can’t think at all’ I spent about ten minutes staring at the monitor while my brain took a break and thought about a green meadow with white, fluffy bunnies jumping about in it. Can’t say it was unpleasant but it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea either.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Big news people! I’ve gone and got myself knocked up.
So for the next few months you can look forward to such posts as, ‘Constant Puker’, ‘Me, myself and my leaky nipples’ and ‘Midwife Cowboy’

Thought you might be interested in knowing some of my likes and dislikes at the moment so here they are:
First, Likes: Boiled vegetables, Tomatoes, Celery, Aaloo (prunes), rice, eggs, Marmite, Blueberries
Dislikes: Chocolate (Smell of chocolate actually makes me gag! Now isn’t that something?!), Baked beans, most sweet things, hummus

Must go and throw up now.

Friday, January 12, 2007

At our high school there used to be a small but fearsome lady called, let’s say, Mrs R. This Mrs R had a rather curious phrase that for some reason she was very fond of and would repeat over and over again. No matter what you did from arriving late to breaking a window to chewing gum in class to ripping another girl’s veil, Mrs R would say to you, ‘May you break you neck.’
I know in Iran people say some pretty bizarre things like if you really like someone you may say to them, ‘I want to eat your liver.’ And they will think that you are being very sweet but this was different. This was not a phrase that we all knew and had hidden meanings and stuff. No, this one basically did exactly what it said on the tin, it wished for you to break your neck and die…at your earliest convenience!
She had overused this phrase so much that we no longer called her Mrs R. Instead we referred to her as Mrs My-you-break-your-neck. Not to her face obviously.
One of the funniest things about Mrs My-you-break-your-neck was that the amount of vigour she put into saying, ‘May you break your neck!’ and the tone of her voice, changed depending on how bad what you had done had been. For example if she caught you giggling at postcards of muscly men that your friend had sent to you from Germany, she would go mental and while waving her finger at you would yell, ‘May you brrrrrreak your neck!
But if for example you had written, ‘I am a donkey’ on a piece of paper and stuck it on the back of another girl’s uniform, she would give you a look of disgust that (you and I probably only reserve for when we’re scraping pieces of dog shit from the bottom of our shoe) and while shaking her head, would mumble, ‘May you break your neck.’ and then turn around and go as if to say, ‘well you’re just an idiot and not even worthy of me wishing for you to break your neck.’
This last one is a bit long but it’s a very good example I think so I’ll tell it anyway.
One day at school these two girls had started a water fight and were running around the school yard with empty glass bottles of coke that they had filled with water.
Now by doing this these two were breaking all sorts of school rules. For one they were running, for two they were having a water fight, for three they were playing with their coke bottles instead of giving them back as soon as they had drunk the content. In short, they were in big trouble.
Suddenly as the two were running around and laughing, they collided with each other and one of the bottles broke, cutting one of the girls’ hands. Blood started gushing out and they both started to scream and cry. Some people ran into the office and brought out the nurse and I think called for an ambulance as well. The nurse ran out with bandages and started to bandage the girl’s hand right there in the garden with a massive crowed gathered around them.
Meanwhile I had a genius idea. I ran into our classroom and got a piece of white chalk and ran out again. Now I’m not sure if had I thought about this a bit more I would still have done it but some blood had spilt on the ground and for some reason I thought it would be absolutely hilarious if I drew a chalk, body outline around it like in detective movies. As if someone had died there. And that’s what I did. I did it really quickly without drawing any attention to myself (which was easy because everyone else was gathered around the injured girl) and then went and stood with the others. It wasn’t because I didn’t want them to know it had been me, it was just that I thought it would be funnier if they suddenly turned around and saw the outline there without seeing me draw it.
Anyway at the end one person saw it and started to laugh and then everyone else saw it too and they all started to laugh, even the nurse. The only person that had not found it funny at all was the injured girl’s water-fight partner. She went absolutely mental at me and kept yelling things like, ‘You are so insensitive Saramad [my maiden name]. My friend is going to die and you’re making fun of her. I’m going to tell Mrs R what you’ve done.’
This was when I started to feel a bit bad. Her friend had just cut her hand and wasn’t going to die or anything and I wasn’t making fun of her anyway but I thought maybe she was right and I had been a bit insensitive. Then I suddenly saw Mrs R, aka, Mrs May-you-break-your-neck running towards us.
The girl that was yelling at me, ran to her crying and saying, ‘Mrs R, come and see what Saramad has done. She is so horrible.’ and things like that.
Basically she knew she had broken all sorts of rules and was very much in trouble so now she was trying to draw some attention to me hoping that they would just forget about her.
On the other hand I was at the early stages of pooing my pants as you could tell by Mrs May-you-break-your-neck’s way of running that she was pretty angry.
A little out of breath, Mrs May-you-break-your-neck stood at the foot of my chalk outline with the other girl next to her who was screaming and crying and pointing to the ground.
Mrs May-you-break-your-neck looked down for a few seconds without saying a word. Then I noticed that she had started to bite her lips the way we do to stop ourselves from laughing. Then she turned to me and while the beginnings of a smile were trying to break out from the corners of her mouth, somewhat playfully, borderline affectionately, said, ‘Saramad, may you break your neck!’ before turning around and walking back to her office.
So basically her tone varied but the saying always stayed the same, ‘May you break your neck!’
One day we noticed that Mrs May-you-break-your-neck had not come in. She was absent for a week I think and then one day turned up wearing, yes you guessed it, a huge, white neck brace over her veil.
I just remember looking up to the heavens as soon as I saw her on her first day back and thinking to myself, ‘There is a god. And he sure appreciates irony.’

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ages ago Leyli invited me to a game called Shabeh Yalda where you reveal five things about yourself that you haven’t already and invite five other people to do the same. Now I haven’t been around for a while so, sorry about the delay but here it is anyway.

راستی این فارسی هم داره اگر ترجیح میدین.ل

1- I hate it when people say, ‘Guess how old I am!’
In my opinion this is the most pointless exercise known to mankind and nine out of ten times, it ends in tears. Well it does if I’m the person you’re asking!
There was this one time at a friend’s house when I was talking to this guy who I thought was still at school. Then he said something about his military service and it surprised me because I thought he was about sixteen or seventeen. Turned out he was twenty or twenty one, the baby face type.
Anyway there was a woman there who I was meeting for the first time that night and who overheard our conversation. For some reason this woman found this little mistake of mine absolutely hilarious and then no matter what, would not drop the subject. She kept laughing and going on and on about how funny it was that I had thought this boy was about sixteen or seventeen when he was twenty or twenty one.
‘Oh you don’t have a clue how old people are do you?’ she kept saying while giggling. I think she was a bit tipsy but I was getting a bit annoyed with her anyway because I wasn’t!
After about ten minutes of laughing she finally asked the question, ‘So how old do you think I am then?’ and as quick as anything, I blurted out, ‘Forty two’
Turned out she was forty two. And from the look on her face, she was not too happy about it either! Well she asked for it, didn’t she?
She was right about one thing though, I really didn’t have a clue how old people were; I had thought she was about forty eight and basically I had tried to be nice to her by saying forty two instead!

2- For some reason a lot of people seem to think I’m a lot smaller than I really am. My dress size is ten or twelve, very rarely eight (depending on the shop I’m in) but I’m normal size really. However some people I know seem to always be trying to push my dress size to see how low they can go before I actually burst out of the outfit they have given me!
On occasions I have even been given children’s clothes. I’m thirty one. With breasts and everything! I mean they’re not big but they’re there.
So I get given these tiny T-shirts made for ten year olds and as if that’s not enough humiliation for one day, then I am often made to put them on there and then as well to see how it looks.
So I come out taking care not to take deep breaths because I’m afraid the T-shirt might rip if I do. My belly is hanging out and I’m being choked by the neck line and they go, ‘Oh great! It fits!’

When I worked at this restaurant for a short while, on my first day my manager looked me up and down and then handed me a uniform. I went into the changing room and put it on. Then I looked at myself and thought, ‘Odd! Is this T-shirt really meant to flatten my chest like that?’ I thought maybe they had some sort of no-chest policy or something.
I took off the T-shirt and looked at the label. It wasn’t small or extra small or petit or anything like that. Oh no. The label said: Age: 5-6 years. 5-6 years! I’m not joking. The bastard had not even given me a normal staff uniform, he had given me one of the kiddy T-shirts that we sold in the restaurant. Needless to say I looked like a retard.
Talking of retard, I always wondered how I still got tips even though I was a very bad waitress, now I’m thinking it’s possible that people just felt sorry for me.

3- I can’t stand it when people say, ‘I never give a hundred percent in what I do, I give a hundred and fifty percent.’
What on earth? I don’t know which idiot started this whole stupid over hundred percent business but whoever it was, should be ashamed of themselves.
Suddenly giving hundred percent to something is not enough anymore. If you go for a job interview and say, ‘I give a hundred percent in everything I do,’ they will probably think you’re a bit lazy! You have to say I give a hundred and ten percent at least or two hundred percent if you really want to impress them.
In sports, everyone has to give hundred and ten percent now or it’s not good enough. If you watch interviews with football managers they always say, ‘My boys are going to go out there today and give a hundred and ten percent.’ Which basically means, they will do the best they can and then give a little bit more.
So why do your best and then do a little bit more then? Why not do your best and then do a lot more more? Hmm, let’s see what percentage that would be. Hundred and fifty percent? Two hundred percent?
So where does it end then? Nine hundred and ninety nine percent? One million percent? Absolute nonsense.

4- I really envy those people who can come out in the middle of winter wearing just a vest or a T-shirt and not even shiver. I don’t know how they manage it but I wish I could do it too as it seems like a very useful skill.

5- This blog was very nearly called, ‘Communication, no!’ But then I thought it was probably best to go with a title that did not need explaining.
The story behind ‘Communication, no!’ is that there was this guy that my cousin and I once met in a party in France. He was very sweet and kept trying to talk to us. The problem was, he didn’t know much English and we didn’t know French. So he would start to say something (by the way he was completely coked out of his head) in English and then suddenly he would get excited and say the rest very fast in French. And then we, not having understood a thing, would say, ‘Sorry, no French.’ And every time, he would slap himself on the forehead and stamp his foot and totally helplessly shout out, ‘Communication, no!’ Then after a few moments he would try again.
Unfortunately we never found out what was going on in that poor guy’s coked up mind that he was trying to tell us about but I doubt I will ever forget his desperate cries of ‘Communication, no!’

And now I’m passing this onto these guys if any of them are interested in doing it:

Amir Sharifi
Chakameh Azimpour