Sunday, January 28, 2007

I’d always known as human beings we are very adaptable and can get used to almost anything but I would never have guessed that one could even get used to feeling sick. Now it’s only been a week and bizarrely I think I’m starting to get used to having a carsick feeling twenty four seven. Can’t say I like it or anything but it’s there and what’s weird is that I’m beginning to have trouble imagining a time when it wasn’t there. For example even looking at a banana makes me want to throw up now and I can’t for the life of me imagine a time when bananas didn’t have that effect on me and I used to like and even eat them!
It’s like that feeling when it’s in the middle of a very cold winter and you look at pictures of yourself on a beach in a bikini and you are so cold at that moment that you think no matter how hot it might have been on that beach, if you were to be transported to there right now, you would still probably wear a cardigan at least.
The funniest thing is that if something makes me feel sick at the moment, then it’s not just smelling it or seeing it that makes me feel sick, it’s even hearing the word or reading it somewhere.
At the moment garlic is one of the things that I cannot stand. So of course I get an email from my mum this morning titled, Garlic! Every time I read the dreaded word it made my stomach churn! I think I might be turning into a vampire.
However the weirdest thing about pregnancy so far is that it feels like someone has come in the middle of the night, emptied my head of my brain, and replaced it with some cotton wool. I can’t think at all. Which means after finishing the sentence before last and before writing, ‘I can’t think at all’ I spent about ten minutes staring at the monitor while my brain took a break and thought about a green meadow with white, fluffy bunnies jumping about in it. Can’t say it was unpleasant but it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea either.


Anonymous said...

wow, lots to get used to by the sound of it! why did your mum send you that email? nevermind, dont explain, it might just remind yuo of that horrible word again.
yes, i am back, did me really well,lots of stories, of me back packing on my own in brazil and meeting with old friends/new people. now fresh start, new job, new house and housemate, lots new friends, hope one day a new man maybe..marieh

Moj said...

Tabrik : )))

Anonymous said...

awww, poor thing. one day u shall have all those foods again...after week 12 hopeflly....congratulations btw and hope the sickness doesnt last too long, luv anahita

naj said...

congrats dear.

All design of nature to protect you; even when your memory starts lapsing :)

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that no one has told you that having kids destroys brain cells? Well, don't worry about it. If a certain amount of rational thought weren't sacrificed, the species would have died out long ago.

jarvenpa said...

I promise you, you do get to think clearly again, and you do get to eat again, and you do lose that greenish feeling. I hope you will be feeling much better soon. Meanwhile, there are worse things to do than think about fluffy bunnies.

negar said...

i think you might like this blog.
the author gave birth about a month ago but she had a lot of amusing posts about her pregnancy. well they were amusing to me because i'm not pregnant. you might find yourself sympathizing...

Shirin said...

That’s great Marieh. I’m glad you had a good time. Wasn’t backpacking alone a little scary though? I had always wanted to go to Brazil but I’ve been a little scared ever since seeing City of God!

Thanks Moj :-)

Thanks Anahita. I really hope it goes away soon too. I’ve kind of accepted that I’m going to feel like this for three months now. I just hope it doesn’t last for four or five!

Thanks Naj :-) Yes maybe the throwing up is nature’s way of stopping me from getting too fat ;-)

Well Atmikha, I’d been told that I would start forgetting things and generally become a little dumb when I get pregnant but I didn’t know that was because my brain cells were dying. I thought they just go to sleep or something :-(

Oh yes Jarvenpa, I’m definitely not complaining about the fluffy bunnies. In fact I think I’m beginning to enjoy their company!

I used to visit her blog sometimes Negar but I hadn’t for ages. Thanks for reminding me. I like her writing.

Asad said...

hmm I like bunnies, I would say something about eating bunnies but then I am worried that it might make you sick.

saman said...

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Anonymous said...

hi S,it was bit scary but safe, if you dont go into favelas,its bit like iran, if you are foreigner, you are a celebrity in most places, made tons of friends.having the courage I am very proud of myself, just what I needed after last year.hopefully you get to one day, its worth it!hope also you are getting used to pregnancy, rememeber all good things have side effects:)

bijan said...

I was afraid of this. Remember, Sex and the City, The HBO chick flick? I was worried that your blog would turn into a chick flick! I’m not complaining, after all it’s your blog. Okay, this is the best way I can relate to your situation, as an opposite sex. I totally sympathize with you and I think I know what you’re going through. As usual, we had our Super Bowl yearly party yesterday. We even got to watch some football between the commercials (Negar), drinking, munchies and all the good our host’s fabulous wife had prepared. By half time, I had all those feeling you are describing now and more. The only difference, it was my own fault! I kept asking, did I have to eat so much? I wasn’t the only one who felt that way and all follow up strong tea we drank to regain semi-consciousness wasn’t helping. If it wasn’t for the respect to our host, the guys would have gladly taken a long afternoon nap and forgotten about the game. As usual it was great fun to see all the old friends and even win some money.

negar said...

hey, i want more constant puker posts! by the way, my firefox spell check thinks puker is not a word. but then it also underlines firefox! i guess it wants me to capitalize the f but that's obviously too much work.
anyways, update whenever you're not hugging the toilet.
take care

Chakameh Azimpour said...

Salam Shirin Joon :-) Maman koochooloo. Just wanted to drop a line and say Hi. I also wish you are doing fine.

Suzartist said...

Don't worry, this all changes. Parts of your brain will never come back, and quite frankly, what you don't remember you won't miss because there will be a shift in the realization of "what's important" and "what's not".
As for the night time stuff... well one could easily argue that the marmite is causing it....

Mohammadreza said...

Could you please update the link to my website? Thanks in advance :)

Tima said...

Hope all is going well with you and your precious bundle of joy. Feeling a bit better? I've heard your sick feeling will go away as soon as the bay starts kickcing :-) which is around 15 ot 16 weeks ... hang in there maman joon. Hugs - tima

Asad said...

hey what's going on ? no more new posts ?

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