Sunday, July 09, 2006

Here are a few things I learned from my trip to France and the wedding that I thought I share with you. I hope you find them useful.

1- Travelling is so much more peaceful when one’s travelling companion has a British passport rather than an Iranian one.

2- Having your eardrums pierced on Eurostar for three hours by excited little three-year-olds going to Disneyland, shouting at the top of their lungs, ‘Is Eeyore gonna be there? Is Winnie the Pooh gonna be there? Is Stripes gonna be there?’ can put you off having children for life.

3- The French are not able to form an orderly queue even if their lives depend on it.

4- It’s hard work trying to walk around on shingles wearing open toe, high heel shoes but fear not; things will get surprisingly easier after a few drinks.

5- It’s impossible to eat pistachio nuts while standing up and at the same time trying to hold a drink, a handbag and a shawl.

6- Not everyone will think, ‘Is you looking exactly like Peter Sellers, accidental or intentional?’ is a compliment.

7- Praying to the god of hairs apparently works.

8- It’s ‘la chignon’ and not ‘le chignon’

9- Twenty one year old boys (or is it men?) might look cute in their little suits but avoid talking to the little devils at all cost as it can be very depressing.
‘How long have you been living in England for?’
‘About twelve years now.’
‘Wow, you must have been a kid when you went there then.’
‘No; I’m just old.’ :-(

10- If you have trouble working out exactly when is a good time to stop drinking, hearing yourself speak these words, while hanging from someone’s jacket (preferably after having just finished a particularly theatrical solo dance to some eighties tune) might be a good cue, ‘Isn’t it weird; I’ve had three…or was it four? Anyway, vodka and tonics and two shots and two glasses of wine and I don’t feel drunk at all.’


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips, as always brilliant!

Speedy Gonzalez

Behrooz said...

"It’s impossible to eat pistachio nuts while standing up and at the same time trying to hold a drink, a handbag and a shawl."

What an Iranian stubborn attempt!

Anonymous said...
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Negar said...

Just out of curiousity, were you headbutted during your trip to France? I hear it's how they greet each other over there!!!

Amir Sharifi said...

Hi this is just a little note to say you have a very nice blog. My wife introduced me to your site because of the story about the ANTS and I found it very funny I do have a story about the ANTs in my blog too!
You are a talented writer and your husband is a very talented Photographer.
Please keep writing….

mariamusic said...

good ones.

Shirin said...

Thanks Speedy Gonzales. I hope you find them useful.

That’s funny Behrooz ;-) yes it’s very Iranian.

No I did not Negar. Now I’m sad. I’ve been there a few times you see and I’ve never been headbutted which means no one has bothered showing me their traditional greeting. Maybe next time. If Zinedine Zidane’s actions are anything to go by though, then I guess headbutting must be more of a goodbye thing rather than hello, right?

Thanks a lot Amir :-) that’s very sweet. I’ll have a look in your blog for that ant story.

Cheers Mariamusic ;-)