Friday, March 10, 2006

I’m sure a year was a lot longer than this when I was little. Now one minute it’s Persian New Year, then straightaway it’s Persian New year again! Sometimes I feel like the Mad Hatter who had got on the wrong side of Time. Only my watch is always stuck on Persian New Year instead of tea-time. Maybe I should try smearing butter inside it and dipping it in tea!

I’m not complaining though, I mean thank god my time is stuck on Persian New Year as appose to say, 24 January (the most depressing day of the year allegedly).

So yesterday I suddenly panicked and did a bit of cleaning and then soaked some lentils for my sabzeh (greens). Now I hope it grows well. My Sabzeh usually looks good because I love growing things but this year there was not much love involved in my speedy pouring of lentils in a bowl and shoving them under water and then realising some time later that there was not much to eat around the place, picking a handful of them and throwing them in a bowl of salad! I know; shame on me; this is totally unacceptable behaviour towards the lovely sabzeh.
I can tell the lentils are in a bad mood now. Maybe later this evening I will try getting on their good side by singing a little something for them,
‘Twinkle twinkle little bat!
How I wonder where you’re at!’
You know the song perhaps? ;-)


Behrooz said...

The proper song would be:
Cruela de Ville, Cruela de Ville!!!

-Sabzeh mobarak.

GazanKhan said...

Don't blame yourself Shirin dear, I'm sure those lentils prefer to be a part of you instead of growing up and then finaly find themselves in a gutter or a trash can. You did good my friend. And the picture is very nice too is that girl Allice staring at the crazy man?

Negar said...

what's wrong with Jan 24th? it's only 3 days after my birthday! you must be still hyped up from my birthday party.
this reminded me that I should grow a Sabzeh too, although I don't know how and I don't really feel like doing so. hmmm, I wonder if my year will be any different if I don't set a Haft Seen at all.

Shirin said...

Oh no Behrooz, this is such a catchy tune. Now I’m going to be singing it all day.

Gazankhan, Yes that is Alice. It was part of some work I was doing for someone that unfortunately fell through but I enjoyed drawing the characters so much that I think I might continue with the project if nothing else comes along.

I don’t know really Negar, maybe it’s because it’s always very cold and damp then in England and people are completely fed up with winter but at the same time know that they still have two more months of it and then another whole month of showers in April. Also they’ve just been through Christmas and New Year when they’ve had a lot of fun and have spent all their money and to add insult to injury, your birthday has just been and gone as well! Bummer.

Shadgoli said...

Hello. One of the best posts. I did mine in a panick yesterday. The latest I've ever been. Then looked at it and thought it was a bit to much in the bowl. So I took a hanful and cooked it to make adassy! Then someone came to change the lock for my newly found storage cupboard and I went to watch, when I came back the adassy had burnt. I think it just wasn't meant to be!!

Dr O2 said...

:-) and it is always pleasent to see SABZEH on the table even when one is way apart from the homeland! I remember I broke into tears when we put our Sabzeh back when I lived at Riverside/Ca.

Your posts induce a very good feeling.

marieh said...

Sabzeh, woohooo!The best part of it is on 13bedar, when we put it on top of the car and drove off to Zoshk...By the way, I really love lentils, but I dont know many iranian recepies...can you help?

amanda kay said...

the little person jumping over the fire is the funniest thing i've seen in a long time. and funny in the best way.

jarvenpa said...

The lentils are happy (and your drawing is charming). It is always refreshing to dip into your site on the web.

GazanKhan said...

That jumping guy is wonderful, makes people happy.

Shirin said...

Oh Shadgoli, I wonder if you’re ever going beh vesaleh in Adasi beresi! Something went wrong the other night as well didn’t it when your entire vegetarian dinner of lentils and salad suddenly turned into steak and chips?! Well three times lucky, ey?

I know exactly what you mean Dr O2. I think in my first eid in England, I went and cried a little to myself too. Being in Iran for eid is great.

Marieh, I only know Adasi and Adas polo but I guess you must know those yourself too. I’ll have a look in my cook book (Ketabe-eh mostataabeh aashpazi) and see if I can find anything else for you. I love lentils too :-)
Where’s Zorshk by the way?

akg :-) Now that you’re hanging around with us Iranians, don’t forget to jump over some fire this Tuesday. It’s Chaarshanbeh soori, yippee!

Thanks Jarvenpa and you’re right; the lentils are happy now, especially since I moved them to the airing cupboard where they’re warm and away from the salad bowl!

Thanks Gazankhan :-) We aim to please. By the way did you hear about Milosevic and his Aasheh Somaagh in prison? I wonder where he got that idea!

Anonymous said...

thanks for searching, let me know what you find. I have a nice one for you. Its one from home, Frankfurter Lentil soup:
zereshk and lentils?dont know , why do you need it?

marieh said...

ups that soup recepy was from me :)

Shirin said...

No no, I meant Zoshk. You said, ‘The best part of it is on 13bedar, when we put it on top of the car and drove off to Zoshk’ And I didn’t know where that was.
Thanks for that recipe. Here’s one for you now. I haven’t tried it yet but I saw this in a magazine just now and thought of you.
A hot salad for winter: Cook your lentils and then put them in a bowl and add boiled Winter Cabbage to them with some red wine vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper. I’ll let you know how it is when I make it.

Anonymous said...

sounds great your salad:) soon when the soup season is over I ll start making salads again. and Zoshk is a mountain (3100) close to Mashhad. marieh

Anonymous said...

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