Friday, March 17, 2006

I’ve updated my website if anyone fancies a butcher’s (look).
I would really appreciate it if you could tall me about any mistakes that you might find in there or anything that is not working properly. Thanks.

Ok this is what I’m talking about; up there by ‘tall me’ I actually meant ‘tell me’.
On second thought, if anyone finds a way to tall me, I will appreciate that too.


Anonymous said...

i love the "dance move" of the "stories" icon..;)

jarvenpa said...

And I love the way the flower blooms, and the fish swims, and the grass grows--these are so delightful, Shirin. I must come back when I can devote the time to truly appreciate them--for now, it is like stumbling into a forest glade full of lovely flowers and odd little magic creatures.
And I love your tai chi cows above! (and yes, if anyone finds out how to tall you, let me know. I am tired of having to get little stools to stand on to reach top shelves.)

ostan said...

Dear Shirin,

Your new home page is excellent. The cards are really really impressing. I wanted to know is there's a possibility to buy these cards?
Your site really helps to feel the arrival of spring and the new year, thank you.

Shirin said...

Thanks Foulla :-)

Jarvenpa, you are so sweet :-) If I find a way to tall myself, I will definitely tell you as well. Although I’m not sure if being very tall and gardening really go together that well; you will have to keep coming down from that height whenever you want to take a close look at your lovely flowers!

Ostan, I’m glad you liked my homepage and it got you back into eid mood after your horrid hardboiled eggs experience!
Whenever I make a bunch of cards, I sell them at this shop down our road but I was thinking of maybe putting something on my website as well so people could buy them on there.

GazanKhan said...

Your works are all really good and some are great, I had said it before, and now I just need to add that your ilustrations of Alice in wonder land is really geat. You are something else my friend! Really.

Shirin said...

Thanks Gazankhan, I like those myself too :-)