Saturday, July 23, 2005

There are only two ways to stop a suicide bomber from detonating his bomb.
1. Get God to come down to earth personally and say to him, ‘You’ve been punked mate.’
2. Stop doing what is making him want to blow himself up.
I don’t think this shoot to kill policy is going to do anyone any favours. I mean it’s not really going to stop a suicide bomber from going ahead with his mission, is it? Either way he is going to die for what he believes in and become a martyr. On the other hand we have to rely on these police men and women whose biggest challenge up to now was making sure the drunks on Saturday night did not pee in the streets while crawling their way back home, to make split-second decisions about whether or not to shoot the dark skinned man with a rucksack running to catch a bus or a train. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the British police and every time I have come into contact with them they have always been very nice and helpful but this does not mean that I want them to carry guns and be told to shoot at suspects.
And I’m not saying this because I’m scared for myself or anything like that because I am neither a man nor dark skinned, nor I like carrying rucksacks, nor I ever really have a reason to run for a bus. So this should probably make my world a safer place but I still don’t like it.
Well anyway, can everyone just stop blowing themselves up please? It’s getting a bit silly now.

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