Sunday, July 24, 2005

Turns out the most in demand people in Britain are plumbers. We have been trying to get a plumber to come and put a shower in our bathroom for the past two months and it’s just not happening. They are all busy. Actually, I’m sure we could find one if we just opened the Yellow Pages and started calling up all the plumbers in there, but we don’t. Because we don’t just want any old big bummed, tea guzzling, biscuit munching, sausage fingered individual to come and mess around with our pipes. We want someone that has some qualifications or was recommended to us by someone who has worked with them or has had work done by them, someone that preferably wears glasses and overalls, has very delicate hands and a few grey hairs maybe and will treat our bathroom with the respect that it deserves.
Yes we love our little newly bought flat.


shady said...

u want a plumber or a model? :-)

Shirin said...

Mostly a plumber, but some modelling experience would be nice too. I’m not fussy.