Thursday, October 06, 2005

I’m really sorry. I know this must be getting a bit annoying for you now but as you can see I have changed my ‘About me’ bit again. Any thoughts?
I swear this will be the last time I ask.


Tazzy said...

The other was good but this one is definitely better :)
You hv a ongoing made up story playing in your head too?!!! omg! that so do I! only instead of TV seriese, mine is a Bollywoodstyle movie I think, with song and dance and and ofcourse rain and backup dancers in cooridinated clothes on the beach :D phew. I'm not schizo after all!

GazanKhan said...

The second paragraph makes you the ideal wife and a cultured person who wisely takes population control seriously. Two excellent qualities; and because I have learned that how you treat children, by your previous post, I can say, with confidence, that you are a nice person, I mean a good “nice person” not that insipid dull nice type that is not nice at all!

GazanKhan said...

Again I forgot to ask you :when did you teach me those signs? short hand remarks? I havn't seen any lesson.

Shirin said...

Tazzy, did you see Negar’s comment on my last post? She does it too! Mine used to be a bit Bollywood as well when I was little and used to have a thing about Sholeh. I must have watched that film a hundred times.

Gazankhan, I answered you on where you had asked me about these (on the annoying kids post) but here it is again anyway.

Tilt head to the left side for maximum effect. As time goes by you will be able to recognise these symbols without the head tilt. That is when you will know you have become a true master:

:-) Smiley
;-) Winking smiley
:-D Laughing
:-( Sad
:-| Confused
:-0 Astounded
:-o Amazed
:-P Tongue sticking out; either Yummy or Baffled

:-{ You. Hee hee (that’s a moustache by the way, not a frown!)
|:-) Kamyar
:> Birdie

negar said...

mine are Classical Hollywood style probably because i have never watched an Indian movie all my life. i've carefully avoided any situation that would require me watching a Bollywood production. i'm thinking it would be really classy if my stories were avant garde/ made-for-film-festival like!

asad said...

hmm maybe I am the only one i liked the previous about me bit better. Not that this one is not good or anything but it just feels a bit cut up and in pieces.

Anahita said...

im certainly inmtrigued...i didnt catch the last one so this is as far as i

GazanKhan said...

Thanks Shirin for the signes, so they are not international? (Kamyar|:-)?.About the prmission: OK. I just asked. I didn't know it was like that.Remember you can always trust me not do anything thoughtlessly.
I'm saying this here beacuse my MSN has gone crazy again with that really annoying forced debug suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Eh, I agree with asad, it is cut in pieces, slightly too short sentces. It is possible that grace online's recipie's done this. I like it never-the-less.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shirin,
This is the first time I have seen your site.
I love your work.
Keep on the good work.
Love you - Shirin Bahreini

Shirin said...

Salam Ammeh Shirin. I’m so glad you’re here. xxxxxxxx

Thanks Asad. I think I’ll do some more wrok on it.

Anahita welcome :-) I’ve pasted the other about me in the last post if you are interested. By the way do you have a blog? I clicked on your name but there was nothing in your profile.

Gazankhan the last three signs are my own creations but the rest are pretty much international I think.

Anonymous said...

Shirin joun,
I love your writings.