Friday, November 04, 2005

Amusing quotes from people I know or have come across at some time in my life, part 2.

Kamyar calls the emergency cervices, ‘Our neighbours have had a fight. The woman is hiding in our flat. She is covered in blood. Her drunk boyfriend has beaten her, trashed their place and now he is shouting outside our flat, trying to kick our door down. Please send some people quick.’
The woman on the other side of the phone very calmly asks, ‘Ok sir, would you consider this to be an emergency?’

The company ‘Mode Iran’ comes up with an ingenious idea after being accused of having a western word (mode) in their name. They put the two words together making ‘Modiran’ and just so there won't be any more confusions in the future, they add a little explanation underneath the name, on all their labels. It reads, ‘Modiran is the plural of Modir ('manager’ in Farsi)’

Dokhi asks Shadi if she wants a Lucky Dip Lottery ticket.
Dokhi’s little daughter asks, ‘Mum, what’s lucky dick?’

Babajoon (my granddad) explaining why he is not angry at the thief who had hit their house, ‘He is just doing his job.’

Me not being aware of the other meaning of the word, ‘ass’ and being told to illustrate a few scenes from the Midsummer night’s dream and then having drawn a picture with Helena hugging and kissing a big round bum, saying to a friend, ‘How weird of Shakespeare to write something like this.’

A little four year old Keivan looks at the framed pictures in his mum’s bedroom. In all the pictures there are always a few people smiling and generally looking very happy (as people often do in family snapshots) except the one of just Keivan, playing on his own in the garden with a hosepipe. Glumly Keivan says, ‘Me, here, all alone, with the hosepipe.’

My Aunt, ‘I can’t get through; there are too many pars carked here.’

Me, ‘What did you get?’
Kamyar, ‘Just a packet of those disgusting cereal bars.’
Me, ‘If they’re disgusting why do you buy them?’
Kamyar, ‘Because it says they have a lot of calcium in them.’
Me, ‘You know it’s very hard for your body to absorb calcium on its own.’
Kamyar, ‘It seems to go down pretty well with tea.’

A Friend at college asks his friend (who he hasn’t seen for a while) if he has found himself a girlfriend yet. ‘No’ says the friend, ‘I’m still wan*ing like a twelve year old.’

My mum’s grandmother (also known as ‘Booh nana’ which was her favourite saying and which loosely translates as, ‘O Mother’ or ‘O dear’) spits out a segment of orange and while twisting her mouth in disgust, offers the rest of the orange to her grandchildren saying, ‘Booh nana, this is horrible; you have it.’

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Anonymous said...

Darling you have a good memory. How do you remember of keivan's phrase. I'd forgtten it. When I read your lines I remembered exactly of his sentence. You know he had one day off from the army and returned home for a day yesterday.

Shirin said...

O how could I forget that? It’s a classic. Is that you Roshanak? Yes my mum said that she had seen Keivan and that he was well and wasn’t having such a bad time in his Aamoozeshi.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's me. I chose anonymus by mistake. it's three times that I try to answer butmy comment doesn't appear hope that this time it works. it didn't work and I cose anonymus again to see if it works.

Foulla said...

Modiran..humm,very creative.
the thief doing his job reminds me of evenings i used to spend talking with my was really so peaceful..backhome in Morocco or what u call marakesh..;)

Shadgol said...

The last anonymous post is quite ironic, when you think about the post from couple of weeks ago on insurance!!

Dr O2 said...

Modiran! well this kindda stuff happens alot these days. But there are also some weird trademarks being allowed to be registered...

Shirin said...

Hi Foulla, So you come from Morocco. I would love to go there one day.
Indeed those days of my life were very peaceful too :-)

Yes Shadgoli that was very funny. The best was when I came on here one day to find five of these spam comments all sent on an old post that started with, ‘Spam bloody comments’!! Talk about ironic.

Hi Dr O2, this story is actually from years ago when I was about twelve I think. I’ve kept one of those labels that I had peeled from a pair of socks and still have it! Yes you’re right, these days a lot of foreign names are being allowed in.