Wednesday, November 30, 2005

End of month quiz

Since I like quizzes, I thought it might be fun to host a little one on here myself. So I have prepared the following sketch which has been inspired by one of this month’s news. It was big news here and my guess is that it was probably big news everywhere else as well.
Anyone who can tell me what the real news behind this sketch is, will receive a one of a kind handmade Christmas card made by the Grinch of the blogging world herself, Shirin (yeah baby) along with a little present (a cheapo thing no doubt but I’m guessing something fun :-) I haven’t given much thought to that yet but I’m sure something will come to me)
You can leave comments on here but if you know for sure what the answer is and you don’t want others to copy you, please email me on (basically I’m just saying this because I don’t want to have to give out too many prizes. God willing though, enshallah, none of you will get it and I’ll be alright)
The winners will be announced on Saturday 3rd of December

Man NO1: ‘Do you remember the other night we were walking through those back alleys and we saw that blind guy that looked a bit lost?’

Man NO2: ‘Yeah.’

Man NO1: ‘And then even though you saw him and his guide dog going past, once they had turned round the corner and you saw only their shadow on the wall you became convinced that it was a two headed monster?’

Man NO2: ‘Yeah’

Man NO1: ‘And then do you remember how you crept up behind him and hit him so hard on the back of his neck that he fell flat on his face?’

Man NO2: ‘Yeah’

Man NO1: ‘And then when he tried to get up you kicked him in the mouth and two of his teeth fell out and then you scared away his dog and threw away his stick and gave him another kick but this time in the stomach?’

Man NO2: ‘Yeah’

Man NO1: ‘And then while he was spitting his broken teeth out, you went through his pockets and took his phone because although by then you knew that it wasn’t a two headed monster you were fighting, you had remembered that once a blind man had stepped on your big toe and had caused you a lot of pain and even though you couldn’t be sure that it was this exact same blind man, you insisted that it was ok to take his phone because all blind men were somehow linked together…’

Man NO2: ‘Yeah I remember all that but what’s your point.’

Man NO1: ‘Well the thing is I never thought any of these things that you were doing were right but still I didn’t say anything because we’re friends and friends stick together and also when you said two headed monster, even though I was absolutely certain that it wasn’t, I still somehow managed to convince myself that it was! And then in a strange way I can understand why you did all the things that you did. With the first kick for example, well…you thought he was a two headed monster then so that was ok. Then you scared away his dog and I thought that was good too because as I said before, he was looking a bit lost when we first saw him which means his guide dog must have been pretty useless and he was probably better off without it. You also had good reason for throwing away his stick because this blind guy didn’t really look like he had appreciated all the nice things you had done for him up until that point and there was a chance that he would have hit you with that stick in the near future if you had not taken it from him.
The other kicks were just self defence I guess and we all know the reason for you taking his phone and since I was personally with you that day when that blind man stepped on your toe and I saw how much pain and suffering he caused you, I’m totally with you on taking the phone and showing these blind men that their actions are not without reactions.
So it was all ok up until this point but then suddenly you went and did something so horrible and so totally unacceptable that I can’t even bring myself to repeat it. [Man NO1 takes a deep breath and continues] As you were walking off [another deep breath] you walked into a puddle and splashed muddy water all over the blind guy that had passed out on the pavement. Why oh why did you have to do that? That was totally uncalled for. Did you even have a reason for doing that? And tell me, had we not sworn that no matter what, we would never splash people with muddy water? Why did you…’

Man No2: ‘Get a life.’ [walks off]



Anonymous said...

aghhh,donno,donno..i want the gift,,booohbooh(crying).
i'm gonna give it a try..hmm,looks like the "preventive" war bush and blair are having in Iraq..hmmm,if it's not the real answer,don't laugh..NOBODY LAUGH!!
Shirine,komakm komakan..isn'it help in Farsi:)

negar said...

does the most unrelated/random answer get a prize too?

Em said...


Err to complicated or too many words or its too early in the mornin...

But like Foulla I want the gift..

Anyway Ive linked u up...

My blog addie is

Have a great day ahead

GazanKhan said...

Why not giving the prize to the first correct answer? And no e-mails.

asad said...

US using phosperous in Iraq ?

Shirin said...

I see there is a fierce competition going on here ;-) Even though only two people have actually made any guesses!
Ok Negar why don’t you just go ahead and give me your unrelated answer anyway and we'll see how it all goes. You will need to give some kind of reason for what you are saying though.
Gazankhan seeing that it’s near Christmas and all that I thought why not be nice and give out a few prizes instead of just the one. Still I won’t be giving out more than three I don’t think.
The rest of you…I aint sayin nothin till Saturday.

Anahita said...

argh i am wracking my brain, i think the reference to the blind guy may have something to do with david blunkett and his resignation? and the two men bush and blair's secret conversation about bombing al jazeera?...far fetched, its late and ive already worked 60 hours since saturday so im a bit tired.....awwww i want a card tell me tell me....!!

Aydin said...

Here’s my wild guess: I think it is about the Iranian president’s speech about wiping Israel off the map. Why I think so? For years, Iran has directly supported the radical Islamic groups with money, weapons, etc. So in some way, this is comparable to beating someone up. But now that this fellow has made his comments, everyone is angry, while these kinds of speeches are not new and are like “splashing people with muddy water.” As you can see, I am so desperate to win that I am ready to, as Iranians say, sew the heaven and earth together! ;)

Shirin said...

;-) Sorry Anahita, I think I might have thrown you a bit with the blind guy thing.

Good guess Aydin. Very good guess in fact. Ok so it’s not what I was thinking about when I wrote this but I can see the logic in what you are saying.

Anonymous said...


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