Saturday, November 19, 2005

Our computer had a bit of a stroke this morning. It’s working now but something tells me that very soon it’s going to die on us again. So if I’m not around much from now on, that will be the reason.
I will leave you with these inspiring words from our lord Jesus Christ whose birthday (that I so thoughtlessly dissed earlier this year) is coming up soon. Tell you what though, now that it’s getting properly cold and everywhere is frosty in the mornings, even I’m starting to feel a bit Christmasy :-)

PS I’ve invented a new sign-face thingy, ‘,:-\
It’s Roger Moore in it?


Foulla said...

roger moore...,) it!

Aydin said...

In these holy times, pray for the salvation of your computer! :)

GazanKhan said...

That was funny, and I pray for your computer my dear, but what's DIS? the underworld god? the Pluto? I don't thnk so.Or Abrv. for dismiss?!
And whos Roger More?!

GazanKhan said...

Komshots doesn't accept comments again.and I had to enter my UN&PW this time here! Am I teasig you my dear?

Shirin said...

I’m glad you liked it Foulla ;-) I think the mouth needs a bit of work still.

Hi Aydin, Thanks for the tip :-)

Gazankhan you don’t know Roger Moore? You know, Bond, James Bond (one eyebrow up one eyebrow down).
Diss is rap talk for pooh-poohing something.
I don’t know about the teasing but I think I might be starting to enjoy these regular password reports that I receive from you ;-) It makes me feel a bit special; as if I’m the blog police or something.

AA said...


This could also be a code for indicating the receipt of a text message.

As in "Roger"!

GazanKhan said...

Roger More was a joke my dear!

Shirin said...

Good thinking AA :-) I like it. ‘Roger’ I think I might start doing that.

Sorry Gazankhan, I didn’t get that :-) Your jokes are too sophisticated for me I think ;-)
Please check your email, I’ve sent you something. For you and the wife that is.