Monday, December 26, 2005

You know what I said before about Christmas being all about shitty presents? Well I like to take that back please because yesterday I remembered exactly what Christmas is all about: eating.
There is something Iranians do when they hold their hand in a karate style and with it touch their neck repeatedly saying, ‘Thank you but I can’t take another bite because I’ve eaten up to here.’
Well yesterday I experienced exactly how that feels when I took one bite of this extremely delicious chocolate cake that my cousin had made and realised that it literally had nowhere to go! This was after two helpings of Turkey with all the trimmings (one and a half actually because the second helping was quite small), one slice of cheese cake and some trifle.
Not bad you might think, but I was disappointed with myself. You see, whenever I go some place where the main activity is going to be eating a lot of delicious food, for some reason I always end up eating a lot less food than I had planned to. After thinking long and hard about the reasons why this is, I came to the conclusion that this happens only because as soon as I arrive somewhere (yes I know; I really do need to get a life but until then this is the sort of thing that I will spend my time thinking about) I start picking at things (all the lovely nibbles the hosts have put out) and so come dinner time, shock horror, I’ve lost my appetite! And can only have one and a half portions instead of five! Awful, don’t you agree?
‘So’ I said to Kamyar yesterday morning as we hit the M40 on our way to London, (desperately trying to find a comfortable sitting position with my heels getting stuck in the carrier bag in front of me with my boots in it; in case I tripped in my heels and twisted my ankle or something and a map balanced on my knees), ‘I’ve worked out exactly what I need to do.’ A little pause. ‘This time I’m not going to pick’ I said, ‘I’m not even going to have one little thing because that’s how it all starts’ and then in my most determined voice I added, ‘I won’t eat a thing until dinner time.’
Alas they had a big bowl of nuts; I relapsed straight away. Now I have to wait another year.

Tuesday, 27 December 2005

I just saw a few spelling mistakes on here and corrected them. I’m sorry if you have already read this and thought it didn’t make sense.
Posting stuff after a few drinks just isn’t a good idea. But then again it’s Christmas init ;-)


GazanKhan said...

Hello! My dear, so you ate nuts instead of turkey? Good for you. I’ve never liked that dry tasteless white meat that can only be swallowed with a cup of sauce, maybe. And, please, don’t even mention her legs! the steel wired legs.
The turkey reminded me of the big fat brother in that movie [Avalon] do you remember? When the brother after 30 yeas waiting for him and his wife every year, (and they were late evey year) decided to start without him for once. He arrived and caught the broher knife in hand, shoutd:
“You cut the tuwky!” (without the R) and left the house.
Meant you cut the turkey you bastrd! You are finished! was very funny, he never let it go. From then on in every discussion he shouted angrily: “You cut the tewkey!” an dismissed any logical argument. We used to say it to each other for some time whnever one of us showed a grudge. You can use too, it’s nice:
“You cut the tewkey!”

Shadgoli said...

The trick is not to even touch the nuts and other pre-meal evils,, cuz once your hand reaches the bowl, your gone. Besides you should be glad that I forgot to cook the carrots and the sweet potatos!

Shirin said...

Gazankhan, I’m not such a big fan of turkey either but the one we had this year was absolutely lovely and not dry at all which speaks volumes of the talents of both our cooks.
Yes I remember that film because my baba liked it very much. I tried to buy a copy of it for him last year when we went to Iran but unfortunately I didn’t manage to get hold of it in time :-)

Yes Shadgoli I’m very glad you forgot those. I just tried calling you to say thank you and all that but you were engaged and now I have to go out. I’ll try you again later.
We had a great time. Thank you :-)

amanda kay said...

now you have discovered the secret of christmas. the one thing i can say about my family is that no one ever goes hungry, we had lasagna and two kinds of turkey! of course i have twenty first cousins there on my dad's side so it's quite a few mouths. hpb had to lay down from eating too much!

the latest update from adventures in persian cooking: i made ghormeh sabzi and it was horrific. i guess you can't win them all. i blame it on the crap recipe book. your instructions were much better. i'm waiting for my next lesson sensei.

Shirin said...

I know a very easy way of making ghormeh sasbzi Amanda, I’ll email you about it later. Do you like Aabgoosht? (it’s like a soup with lamb and chickpeas and beans)

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