Friday, September 02, 2005

I had a horrible dream (well a nightmare) last night. It’s a bit embarrassing because it was all about food. What can I do, I just love food.
Here is my nightmare now: I wanted to make Lubiah-polo (green beans and rice dish) with lamb and the super aromatic spices that my mother in law had sent me. I fried some onions and then took what I thought was a plate of lamb pieces out of the fridge and poured its content into the pan. To my horror I realised that my lamb pieces were actually chicken drumsticks! Eh! I couldn’t believe it. I was so upset because I had really felt like having Lubiah-polo but oh well it wasn’t to be so I quickly changed the menu and decided to make chicken with mushrooms and oyster sauce. I took out the mushrooms from the fridge and threw a good few in the pan. But guess what, the mushrooms had turned into chickpeas!
‘Deep breaths’ I said to myself, ‘no need to panic. It’s probably God playing a trick on you after your yesterday’s post.’ And so our dinner changed for the third time as I thanked God for Ready Steady Cook (that had taught me to think on my feet, when it came to food at least. And also I thought I might get in God’s good books if I actually thanked him for something) and then kindly asked him to cut it out since it really wasn’t funny anymore.
This time I decided to make a Yazdi dish with: chicken, chickpeas, potatoes, turmeric and cinnamon. I took out some potatoes, peeled them, double and triple checked them that they were in fact potatoes and not say, Raspberry jam and then put them in the pan. ‘So far so good’ I thought and added some cinnamon. Suddenly the whole thing turned green and started smelling like fenugreek!
I threw in the towel; I could not think of anything to add to a dish with onions, chicken drumsticks, chickpeas, potatoes and Gormeh herbs to save it. God had won hands down.
I woke up. Phew, it had all been a bad dream.
The Palestinians downstairs were having a midnight feast.


Mohammadreza said...

Just wanted to say, how much I like Lubiah-polo, oh, yum yum ;)

GazanKhan said...

I guess you were hungry my friend ,may be you were in search,in quest of some delcious food. It's always like that you know. You need to pee for instance very badly but every time you find some place to urinate the place turns to some where definately not suitable for such an action; e.g.: you suddenly find yourself in front of the queen Elizabeth or standing on the table were the ambasodors are dining with the president.

Shirin said...

In my case I always get to pee in my dreams (in front of the ambassador and all that) but then I need to go again straight away. I’ve been very lucky I think as I have not ever wet the bed so far.