Friday, September 23, 2005

It’s not even October yet but in supermarkets the Mince pies and Christmas puddings are already out on the shelves! We seem to have skipped Halloween and gone straight to Christmas this year.

Yes you guessed it; I’m one of those people who don’t like Christmas. But since there are those who secretly like Christmas but say that they don’t because they think it’s not hip to like Christmas and then there are those who think it’s hip to be different and say that they like Christmas even though they don’t, (Yes I know; there is a lot of confusion about this whole thing) it’s very hard for someone like me to say, ‘I don’t like Christmas.’ And be believed.
People are forever saying to me, ‘Come on no one likes Christmas but we all do something for it anyway.’
Me, ‘Yes you celebrate it because you are Christians but I’m not (this is a good reason right?) and neither is my husband (double-good reason) and we don’t have any kids (because if you do they say you should do it for your kids)’
They, ‘So you are not even going to get a little tree?’
Me, ‘!’
I get this all the time and I really can’t understand it. How does this tree thing work then? Is it that you have to have a Christmas tree no matter what but the further you get from Christianity, your tree gets smaller? So the devout Christians get the biggest trees of all while for example Moslems, Agnostics and Atheists will in that order get, small trees, very small trees and special bonsai Christmas trees which they must then decorate with small, tiny and minute Christmas decorations!

I don’t understand why it is that Christians love to get everyone involved in their religious activities so much. Can you imagine a Moslem going up to a Christian for Tasooa Aashoora and saying, ‘Look I’m not saying you should beat yourself on the chest until you go black and blue or hit yourself on the back with chains or whack your head open with a machete to mourn the Killing of Imam Hussein, but how about you just tapping yourself gently on the chest with the tips of your fingers?’

Some people say, ‘Come on Christmas is not a religious thing, it’s just tradition.’ Excuse me? Celebrating the birth of Christ is not a religious thing?
Although in a way maybe they are kind of right; from what I’ve seen, all Christmas seems to be about is people watching crappy movies on television and buying shitty presents for other people and getting pissed off when they receive shitty presents from other people in return.


Anonymous said...

shirin, unfortunately you have picked the one holiday people will never accept you not liking. in fact, it is the one holiday that has a word created for people who don't like it GRINCH (thank you dr. seuss). but the fact that there is a word for people like you clearly means you are not alone.

but remember christmas isn't only about shitty presents. for some people it's also about spending time with your family and reveling in the dysfunctional gene pool from which you were spawned...for others it's about confirming the fact that you are truly alone in the world when you have no one to celebrate with...

now look you've made me depressed...

aw hell. at least we get a week off of work.


me said...

I don't know... I don't care about Christamas actually either. I do like the New year though and I love giving presents to people I love, so I just give them presents for the new year ;)
No trees, no funny pies or stuff like that though...and no crappy movies, no uncles, aunts and cousins that I wouldn't see for years otherwise. . .so, hey, it's just vacation for me and therefore it's fun :D

Farzad said...

I have mixed feelings about Christmas. When I used to be by myself, alone and lonely, every Christmas was an empty house full of miseries. I used to sit around and change the TV channels like I’m in the Formula One - channel racing. Thinking to myself that folks are all gathered together having so much fun and I’m not one of them. So I developed a strange kind of hate toward the whole idea. I used to say all sorts of things about the whole event. It’s been commercialized and so on, but now I’ve changed. My wife, who’s not Iranian, knew all about my feelings and tried to give me a sense of belonging. So now, I treat it like our own Persian New Year’s more or less. However, the only thing that has changed in my attitude toward it, is that I now find it cozy. Not alone nor lonely anymore. And, that’s all I care about.

GazanKhan said...

Just wanted to say some thing that we all know, to those who say to our friend Shirin that “Christmass is not a religious ceremony."(?) and here is the thing:
Christ: the Messiah as foretold by the prophets of the Old Testament.
Mass: Public celebration of the Eucharist in Roman Catholic Church.
I must rest my case now but I think the defendants will say: “We know all that of course, but you see, Christmas is not a religious festival at all, it's not." OK, don't get exited!
And one more thing, forgive me dear Shirin for misusing your space like this but I need this. I need this gentleman, Mr. Farzad's help in a certain matter:
Sir, I admire the way you wrote your comment: short, smooth and effective. So I like to ask you this, if I may:
Was the loneliness so sad then, when you were alone? Or you find it more depressive now when you, in the coziness and warmth of your home, think back about yourself being all alone during the festival? Have you thought about that? The question has been on my mind for some time now.Thank you

Anonymous said...

cry more plz. xmas > *. snowboarding and presents for the win.

Farzad said...

Gazankhan - Have I thought about that? Think about yourself being all alone during the festival?
If U knew who U R talking to, U wouldn't be asking such pathetic questions?
I recommend U to read and read hard... Go to and read my latest article, then think hard for some time.
Here is the link:

GazanKhan said...

I Offended you any way?!
Sorry if I did, but I can't imagin how! You could answer the question, why you act like I made fun of you?! what does it have to with being an Iranian anyway?

Shirin said...

Hello :-)
Ok, first of all I don’t get this last anonymous comment. Is this some kind of code or what? You better not be Bin Ladin trying to get your message across to people around the world in code form via blog. But if you are, congratulations on getting internet in that cave of your at last.

Amanda darling, sorry about making you depressed. I know you are jealous of me thinking that it’s not fair that I can get away with not doing anything at Christmas while you have to suffer so much but let me tell you darling, we have our own Persian new year celebrations in which we are expected to spend time with our families and revel in the dysfunctional gene pool from which we were spawned. Now I ask you, Is it really fair to make us go through all that twice in one year?

Me, yes liking New year is understandable. And I’m sure this whole thing would have meant a lot more to me too if I had an office job and got time off for Christmas and New-year and everything.

Farzad, it’s interesting that you said that. You see I never got that lonely feeling at Christmas because of course we never used to do anything for it in Iran but I did feel very lonely and depressed at for example Persian New year and Charshanbeh soori and that sort of thing.
Well anyway you should definitely celebrate it now that you are married to someone who celebrates Christmas. Of course I would do it too if I had married a non Iranian.
PS I know Gazankhan very well and I think I can safely say that by asking you that question he did not mean to insult you. I think he is just trying to workout something about this feeling lonely and depressed thing, from a psychological point of view (his thing) from someone like you who has been through it. I think you might have acted a bit hastily on assuming that he was being rude to you.
Apart from that, welcome back. You haven’t been here for a while :-)

Yes Gazankhan it’s funny how people will still say Christmas is not a religious thing when it so undeniably is. Thanks for breaking it down for us :-)

Farzad said...

Gazankhan - U see U didn't read my comment or U didn't understand what I said!
I said GO TO IRANIAN.COM [it's a website] and read my last article, then U will understand who U R talking 2.
This is what U just wrote back 2 me: What does it have to with being an Iranian anyway?
Did I say anything in my comment about being an Iranian? NO, I didn't.

BTW, U didn't insult me dude. And I never said U did. Don't assume things about other people U don't even know. However, here is a tip 4 U to remember about me:

I don’t like manipulation nor manipulators. Not that U R one of them, but it’s good to point that out.

Shirin - Thank U dear. And congratulation to Kamyar for his wonderful artistic mind, visions and images. I enjoy his daily pix very much. Cheers 2 U both.

linda said...

Well.. I have a suggestion
Celeberate Hannuka!!!
It's cheaper... just buncha candles

Nyx said...

As a matter of fact, christmas was made a christian holiday (by the church)to keep the pagans calm. Father Christmas was originally a brownie/goblin and actually not a very nice guy. On christmas eve, for example, you'd better put some food (porridge) outside your door for him, or else he might bring misfortune and sickness to your home.

negar said...

I have no feelings towards Christmas, especially since it never snows here! to me it's just a lot of lights and some good sales the day after. I don't care about the New Year either because it's just an arbitrary day that doesn't signify anything. the only holiday I've learned to appreciate is Thanksgiving and that's because the whole point of the holiday is to stuff yourself and be grateful. Anyone can do that!

Shirin said...

What a splendid idea! Thanks Linda.

Nyx, I thought Father Christmas was originally Saint Nicholas, no? Actually I think I like the goblin idea better.

Negar, I think I would have done thanksgiving as well if I lived in America. Any holiday that is all about stuffing one’s face is bound to be good.

Nyx said...

Shirin: Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas are the same (if i'm not mistaken). The pagans had an important holiday in the wintertime. When the christians came up north they told folks to celebrate the birth of jesus instead. Recent research has shown that jesus couldn't have been born in december anyway. And the tradition to bring a tree inside has nothing to do with jesus. At least that's what I've been told :-)

Shirin said...

I’ve heard about that too. Weird isn’t it? Apparently Jesus was born at a completely different time! I kind of wish that pagan thing was still on. It must have been much more fun than Christmas.

sh said...

good post, shirin - thank you for saying that! in my country all those shitty presents means that the crime rate tends to go up around christmas time, particularly in the last decade or so since everything has become commercialized.

Shirin said...

Thanks for your comment Sh. Yes it’s all about buying now days isn’t it?
Nice name by the way, a bit short but nice ;-)

Karen said...

Hi Shirin!

It is WAY later than you posted this but I just came across it and thought it was really funny...

I'm a Christian, so I celebrate Christmas...but...dude, I totally understand why you don't celebrate it haha! If you don't worship Jesus - why would you celebrate his birth - it is kind of silly - I agree with you. Same reason I wouldn't mourn for the Imam...

I apologize to you for my people...kind of embarrasses me! I can't be too mean about them though, gotta love them because I've been stupid too...getting less stupid as I grow, hopefully haha! :) anyway...thanks for the thought provoking blog.