Sunday, September 04, 2005

My other night’s dream kind of became reality yesterday. As you know my plan was to make Nana jafari karafs (mint, parsley and celery stew). But later in the day as I went to soak the herbs, I noticed that we were fresh out of mint. No worries I thought, I just make the celery dish with tomato puree. But then I realised that we did not have any tomato puree either and so off I went to the shops to buy one. But guess what, I had forgotten my wallet at home and so all the good that came out of my trip to the shops was that I had recycled some bottles and got harassed by some guy.
‘I don’t really feel like going home and walking all the way back again’ I though to myself whilst jumping up and down on the guy’s windpipe (I find that very therapeutic) and then suddenly I had a breakthrough, Baghali-polo (lamb with broad beans and dill rice). And Baghali-polo it was.

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Farzad "Cat" said...

Hi Shirin - Something like this happened to me 2 many years ago. I forgot to take my wallet while I was on a shopping spree. So imagine I'm standing at the cash register with all the goodies and got no money to pay for. I didn't know what to do or say, so I told the girl behind the register that I forgot my wallet in my car. I'll go and get it in a flash. I got such an attitude that words can not describe. However, back at home, I had no Baghali-Polo waiting 4 me. I love Baghali-Polo. Cheers :)