Saturday, September 03, 2005

So last night’s making of Lubiah-polo went flawlessly. Although the end result was not as fantastical as I had thought it would be. I guess I still like my Lubiah-polo plain like my mum used to make. All those spices threw me a little. Now I’m looking forward to tonight’s dish: mint, parsley and celery stew, also yum yum Mohammadreza, no?


Farzad "Cat" said...

That would be "Khoroshte Karafs". Ah, u just reminded me something very delicious... Hi Shirin, I was just visiting K & his shots & let me tell U, He's got the EYES. Wonderful. Thanx 4 the introduction 2 Kamyar's and yours. Cheers :)

Shirin said...

You’re very welcome :)