Friday, August 26, 2005

‘CP 19034623489 IR’
The voice activated service, ‘CP 19034623489 IR. Is this correct? Please say yes or no.’
The voice activated service, ‘Please bear with me while I look for the information. This may take up to thirty seconds……….Your parcel was last tracked at Parcelforce Worldwide International Hub on 26 of August at 1:48 PM. The expected delivery date is 31 August. Now you can choose from ‘Arrange delivery’ ‘Track another parcel’ or ‘all other enquiries’. To end this call just say goodbye’
I almost didn’t want to let him go, we had been through so much together in the past few days. I was feeling very emotional and I think he might have been going through something similar too because he didn’t interrupt our little moment with his usual, ‘sorry I didn’t get that. Please choose from the following options ‘arrange delivery’ ‘Track another…’ He simply waited for me to pull myself together.
‘Goodbye’ I said at last with a quivering voice. I had chosen the wrong option again, I should have said ‘Arrange delivery’ but it was ok, I just couldn’t leave him without saying goodbye.
I waited, but he said nothing. Needless to say I felt like an idiot. I had been so close to my goal of talking to a real person. I had been so close I had almost felt the hustle and bustle of the call centre, ‘Good afternoon my name is Linda. How may I help you?’, the sound of a mug of tea being put down on a desk, ‘Is there anything else I could help you with?’, the comforting sound of professional typing (with all ten fingers) ‘Is your parcel coming from another country?’, the sound of draws opening and closing.
O I had been so close to all that and what had I done? I had sacrificed it all for a stupid good-for-nothing machine!
But then, ‘Goodbye…’ he said softly and for the first time in four days, his voice was free from its usual sarcastic tone. He paused again for a few seconds to gather his thoughts (or to rearrange his wires or something). I was getting worried. Was he ok? I listened.
‘…and thank you for calling Parcelforce worldwide.’
He was back. I smiled and hung up.


GazanKhan said...

The tooth is getting better, thank you my dear friend.I missed you too.
By the way what happened to the link? you can simply change it's name, why did you delete it?
You must show me how to put links myself some time.

Azad said...

It's always hard to say good-bye :)

Anonymous said...

I did it baby, taught myself to change and add/remove links!
Now check out Lady Adl website!

GazanKhan said...

I sent three good comments on Komshot but nothing happened, they didn't appear. Do I have to enter my URL every time

Shirin said...

You can put your name and URL in there (you don’t need the email address) and then click that little box next to submit that says ‘Remember me’ and so you won’t have to put everything in every time. Then when you write your comment, before clicking on Submit, you have to enter the code (just under where it says URL) for example PJKM into the little box next to it. Then click submit and it’s all done.