Saturday, August 27, 2005

I look like a ghost today. I’m so pale that this morning I actually scared myself when I looked in the mirror and resorted to using blusher for like the fifth time ever in my life! My mum will be pleased to hear this. She loves her blusher. As do all other Iranian women that I have ever met as a matter of fact. The way they see it, there is nothing in the world that a generous appliance of blusher won’t fix.
‘You wanna keep your man girl, you put some blusher on.’
‘You haven’t washed for three days it’s ok, put some blusher on and no one will know.’
‘You’re always coming up with excuses aren’t you? So you’ve just given birth, you can still pick up a brush and put some blusher on, can’t you?’
‘And if you run out of blusher, don’t panic, you can always use your lipstick in an emergency. Just two little dabs on your cheekbones, rub them with an upward movement and there you have it, more blusher.’
In my case it didn’t work though. I think I need a tan.
If my mum had worked out how to leave comments on here she would probably write, ‘But you look so pretty when you put blusher on.’


Nasser Shojania said...

I am commenting on this blusher thing mainly to practise how to comment.(By the way, did you know that practice as a noun is speled with 'c', but as a verb, like pratctising, is with 's'?)

Yes, keeping your cheeks red is essential for Iranian women; especially Iranian wives. This is why it is said, "so and so keeps her cheeks red by slapping herself in the face." or "Folani sooratesho ba seeli sorkh negah meedareh."

Also, I remeber, when a guest siddenly and unexpectedly entered a house, the housewife or her nublie daugheter in that house, who had not had time to redden their cheeks, pinch their cheeks to make them red, as they approch the entrence door to greet the guest. After all the guest might have come for the purpose of Khassegaary of the daughter for their son.


Shirin said...

Welcome Daee Nasser and thanks for reminding me of the cheek pinching. This can also be very useful in the unthinkable situation when one is out of both blusher and lipstick or has had her handbag stolen.