Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Those who know me know that I am not a big fan of doing stuff. When I do something it’s usually because I know that when I come back home people will be off my back for a while about staying in all the time. And also when my mum calls and gives me a rundown of all the things she has done and then stops and says, ‘Ok now what have you been doing?’ I have a story more action-packed than, ‘I drew a very pretty donkey today.’
There’s another reason as well and that is that I had always believed that doing stuff would inspire me to draw or write about more interesting things. Except now I’m starting to realise that the more things I do, the less inspired I get! Weird, I know. I don’t know why this is.
Take these past three weeks for example (when I have been quite a bit more happening that my usual) you can’t believe how many things I’ve written and not posted on here just because they were rubbish and sounded a bit like my essays of ‘How did you spend your summer’ at school.
I don’t know if this is normal or if it’s just me being strange again but I have come to the conclusion (that for me at least), ‘Creativity loves stillness’.


Mohammadreza said...

I think it's not wiered at all. It's you blog so you can write whatever you wish :)

Anonymous said...

No it's not strange at all. Unless something amuzing happens when you are running around doing stuff, it is very difficult to be creative. Also sometimes while you're busy doing things, you think of something and later either you have forgotten what it was or couldn't be bothered after all. I think that's what happened to me. You are very right, creativity (almost always) loves stillness.

Anonymous said...

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Kamyar said...

That’s probably why there are so many great Swedish metal bands out there. I guess they don’t have anything to do in Sweden’s crap weather except sitting down, playing music and being creative.

Anonymous said...

if creativity loves stillness, it does not shut off during movement. i think of it like this: you don't miss a creative moment. it is sort of stored in a creativity bank or maybe even in a 'creative collective' or creative aether. when you do find stillness (which may indeed be more of a mental stillness than a physical) you will find yourself producing creative work that is an accumulation of inspiration.

and whatever you do, keep all the things you're writing now and save them for a different time. today's drab diatribe may be tomorrow's insight into the future. and you'll find again creative time not wasted.


Shirin said...

I see what you’re saying Amanda. But look I have finally found a way to be lazy and not feel guilty about it. So I’m not going to say you’re right. Even though you are. Look what you made me do now :-(

Shirin said...

Anonymous darling
It’s not that I need someone to scratch my nose for me it’s just that after reading this, when I was walking to town this afternoon I suddenly remembered this book that I had written myself a few years ago titled, ‘Iranian women who can’t scratch their nose with a red pen’ (no height restrictions). At the time I was very excited about this book and sent it out to a lot of publishers but after 102 rejections I decided not to send my book off again until I find a publisher that really appreciates this kind of thing and I think your publisher might just be the person I’ve been looking for all these years. Please leave me your contact number on here and ok I will buy a copy of your book as well. Happy now?

Anonymous said...

shirin, please don't take my proselytizing too seriously. that's just how i justify not writing and spending endless hours lounging around and doing nothing with shahin.

i think if i was less motivated it would be a vast improvement in my life. if you know a coach for people who would like to be less productive, let me know.


Shirin said...

Your problem sounds serious Amanda. I see what I can do for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirin:
I thought its only in Iran that guys think you are ready to be picked up if you give them a smile.I didnt have the slightest idea that "british guys" are be jan be.
he he he:)