Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kamyar Adl entered this world on 17 August 1975. His first ever memory is looking up from his pushchair at the sun shining through the leaves on the trees that danced in the wind. He liked that.

Kamyar says, ‘I became obsessed with 35mm cameras when I was a teenager after playing with my Brothers Nikon EL2 and its 50mm 1:1.4 lens.’ Some years later when his brother left Iran for LA, Kamyar and the poor ownerless Nikon became inseparable.
After finishing school Kamyar spent a short while at Azad University studying photography but he soon left to do his military service in some desert near the Iran Iraq border.
Kamyar never went back to university but he did some photography jobs here and there one of which being taking photos of old doors and windows in downtown Tehran for a famous Iranian architect.
Then at the age of twenty five ‘I got married to the love of my life Shirin and moved to England’ says Kamyar (at this point Shirin has a very big grin on her face and misty eyes. She thinks about making Kamyar’s favourite dinner for him, Khoreshteh Bademjoon) ‘But don’t write that.’
‘Because it’s cheesy.’
‘No it’s not.’
‘Yes it is. And it’s also kind of Bollywood. I work in a factory remember? The guys at work will crucify me if they read this.’

Kamyar currently works as a rectifier at BMW Plant Oxford. He does not get much Khoreshteh Bodemjoon and he often finds that when he goes to take a bath, the water is cold.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kamyar!

Please triple check everything on those MINIs!!! I had enough of this car :-(


Shirin said...

Still having car troubles Shahin?! Sounds like that Mini of yours might be cursed or possessed or something. What is it doing now? Trying to run you over every time you walk in front of it?
Maybe you should book it in for an exorcism session next instead of sending it into a garage again.