Friday, August 12, 2005

So Mr and Mrs Daily dose of imagery are still stock in Toronto after their flight to UK was cancelled on account of baggage handlers going on strike because they didn’t like the fact that 600 of their caterer friends were sacked. Yaah we Brits stick together my friend through thick and thin.
I was in fact thinking of going on strike myself as a show of solidarity but then realizing that by me going on strike, the whole country would practically come to a standstill, being the responsible person that I am, I decided against it and so rest assured people; I will be continuing with my vital job of spying on the local squirrels.
Now anyone who has ever been on a British Airways flight knows that food is not exactly this airline’s strongpoint. My good friend Talayeh wrote in an email to me, ‘I have been in a British Airways flight before, and the food was even worse than my mum's idea of cooking fessenjoon with Golpar!!’ And that’s saying something because I’m pretty sure that this is considered child abuse and having been a child in this country, Talayeh would surely have been taken away from her mother by the social services and re-housed and maybe even given a new identity as well.
The BA’s food situation gets even worse when you realise that their meals are in fact supplied by a company that call themselves Gate Gourmet! I really don’t understand these companies that give themselves names that they will most definitely never be able to live up to. I think maybe if they had called themselves ‘Gate Greasy spoon’ or ‘Kinda like McDonald’s but maybe a bit better’ to begin with, they could very easily have stopped a lot of confusion and maybe even the sackings too.


Azad said...

You have an interesting blog! Got here from ddoi ...

Your "unexpected guests" post was really fun to read. I couldn't agree with you more on that.

Keep up the good work (both the blog and the illustrations). Cheers.

GazanKhan said...

My dear friend! you have doubled my readers with just one call for help; thank you. Not much yet it's just 24 now, but it's more than two!
By the way I did not threaten to live the blog world. I just thought if people don't read why write?

Shirin said...

Welcome Azad and thank you for your kind words. It’s always nice to hear from another fellow sufferer.

Gazankhan, you’re my main-man. Respect