Friday, August 05, 2005

This morning I was searching on the BBC website for a programme that I wanted to listen to when I came across another programme that was presented by an Iranian DJ. Naturally I started to listen to what my fellow countryman had to say.
Two minutes later I found myself getting a head-spin as I washed the dishes at nine in the morning while my body, quite independently of my brain, bopped to some crazy clubbers’ anthems dance music. I’m not trying to put it down or anything but it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, especially at that time in the morning. But still I tolerated it and refrained from going with my first instinct which was to grab the radio and throw it out of the living room window (rock and roll style) because the guy was Iranian! (Ok and if I’m honest also because I didn’t want to break our newly mounted double-glazed window. Nor did I want to get a reputation amongst my neighbours as a nut-case. And also because the sound was actually coming from the computer and so throwing the radio out of the window would just have been plain idiotic. But the main reason as I said was that this DJ was Iranian) I couldn’t believe it, I always make fun of others who are obsessed with all that other Iranians do and here I was doing it myself.
As it turned out though, the poor guy wasn’t even Iranian. He had just got someone to say something in Farsi at the beginning of his programme and thus had tricked me into thinking that another fellow Iranian had made it big. Cheap trick I thought.


Mohammadreza said...

First of all, thanks for the visit and comment. Second, those days are gone that Pasdars (nowadays polic or Niroy-e-Entezami)arrest people for wearing fashionable cloths or sunglasses. They're now so open-minded. Third, just wanted to mention that I do hate Trance, Rap, and Techno music, no matter who the DJ is, whether Iranian or someone else.

Sarah Helmick said...

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